Welding Pipe

Water Filtration Plant

Skog’s Welding was born in the Oil and Gas fields of Alberta. When Murray took over his father’s portable welding truck in 1997 it was to do welding in the field in a gas plant. The business expanded rapidly when Murray realized that some of the pipe welding work he was doing, in the field, could be done much more efficiently if it were done in the shop and shipped to the field for installation. Why pay people a premium to work in weather when the same objectives can be accomplished working in the shelter of a shop at a regular welder’s wage?

Airdrie Welding Shop

Skog’s Welding took part in the building of a water filtration plant here in Alberta. The pipe used to build this plant arrives as raw pipe and the first operation is to prepare the pipe for welding. This is done with a 30° Beveller operation and changes the pipe from a square end to a beveled end, to create an area to be filled with weld when the pipe is attached to another.

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