Mobile Welding

Skog’s Mobile Welding provides truck-mounted welding services for welding and onsite fabrication and processed pipe applications that are conducted on customer sites, locally and throughout Alberta, decreasing the need for costly downtime to have components sent into the shop for repair, service, or fabrication. Our service brings the highest quality repair and fabrication directly to you anywhere in Alberta. With our fabrication shop to back up the mobile welding service, no job is too big or too small. Using the latest in mobile welding technology we have created a versatile business that delivers specialized services on time and on budget. Fully insured and certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau our fully equipped mobile unit meets your welding demands at any site. Our fast mobile welding service is designed to fit the oil and gas industry, farmers, and construction. Processed pipe welding, farm machinery repair, and structural construction welding are typical project types we service with our mobile service.

Truck Mounted Welding

Skog’s Welding originally started in the fabrication business as a portable welding truck servicing gas plants and oil rigs. Murray realized early in the business that specialization and quality workmanship were keys to growing his company. As an owner-operated business, it was his goal to provide fast and superior service to all his clients and the dedication and work ethic of all the staff of the company has realized that goal to the point where customers actively promote and recommend Skog’s Welding to other companies. The company has grown each year since its modest beginnings.

Our Canadian Welding Bureau qualified technicians provide services to Oil & Gas companies, construction companies, acreage owners, and farmers. Our qualified welders are ready to respond to your emergency repair, or planned installation, of any fixture to any structure. Skog’s Welding has created a competitive level of service that leaves other welding companies struggling to keep up. With the continued growth in Alberta, the need for fast, resourceful, and reliable welders has never been greater.

We offer a complete range of mobile welding services, including:

  • pipe welding
  • farm equipment repair
  • heavy equipment repair
  • structural welding
  • industrial welding
  • general fabrication
  • emergency service

Our mobile welding services are recognized for the quality of our workmanship, with the equipment, expertise, and dedication to deliver the absolute best welding services directly to you

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